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Landing_page_service_content_ematchology_logo_170x100 eMatchology™ Semantics is leading-edge matchmaking technology. Derived from Artificial Intelligence, eMatchology™ goes beyond simple matches and intelligently matches you with people on levels you never even imagined possible when using other sites. The more you use eMatchology™, the better your matches become. As you use eMatchology™, it will seem it is learning about you. It will know your likes and dislikes. It will ensure that the potential match who hums when he or she gets nervous is not matched with your profile - unless, of course, you like humming!!
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eMatchology™ Matches are based on everything you tell us, plus information we pick up about you as you use this site. This ensures you get sensible matches that work for you. Get to know more about yourself by taking the Compatibility Test. This test allows you to do a self-assessment, which will help you pinpoint exactly what you are looking for in a partner. Should your prospective partner be tall, small, happy, funny, or extremely smart? Maybe all of the above? Take the test. Find out what you're really looking for. Carry eMatchology™ with you on your mobile phone, stay in touch with your favourite connections, and don't miss any of Cupid's calls! eMatchology™ Mobile Communications enables clients to talk to their potential matches while maintaining privacy, no phone numbers, and no names or addresses. This ensures the service is not only totally secure but also safe and very successful.
Landing_page_service_content_dateguard_logo_170x100 While more people are using the Internet to meet others than ever before, security is paramount to everyone who logs on hoping to meet that someone special. We all ask ourselves: How do I protect myself from fraud or something worse? DateGuard™ Protection is our proprietary security system developed by singles who were not satisfied with online dating safety and security. DateGuard™ ensures that the dating experience is safer. We understand that in an environment like the Internet, security must be constantly updated. That's why DateGuard™ provides for background checks on any member and even allows you to give feedback on dates. Now you don't have to guess and worry about your prospective date.
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DateGuard™ Protection allows clients to set their privacy requirements, allowing them to control who sees their profile and how. This is a not a free for all like so many of the other dating sites on the market today. You control what you're comfortable with. This allows you to be in charge every step of the way. The virtual chaperone! For your added security you can register a date with Kipici, ensuring that DateGuard™ knows about the date, including who you're with and where you're going. Then, after the date you can tell us how it went. DateGuard™ is there for your protection every step of the way, from texting reminders to offering safe advice on location. Think of DateGuard™ as your big brother or sister being there to protect you - without the embarrassment. This is where our love for social networking allows you to help others. Once you've finished that date you've registered with DateGuard™ you can then rate the date and provide feedback for the next person. DateGuard™ then provides this information to a member's MatchMaster™ so the ratings are 100% confidential and secure! With DateGuard™ we help you eliminate the guessing.
Landing_page_service_content_matchmasters_logo_170x100 As we researched the development of Kipici one of the key ingredients online daters told us they were looking for is a real person to offer advice and organize opportunities to meet. People told us they were looking for that personal touch. Now you don't need to look any further! MatchMaster™ Services is a revolution in the online dating business. Imagine highly trained, superior matchmakers who can help you take your search to that next step. Once you join MatchMaster™ Services you will have the chance to connect with a real person who can help authenticate prospects. Now you don't have to rely on a computer to make your choices. Let a MatchMaster™ help you find success today!!!
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Whether you're new to dating or have been dating for a while your MatchMaster™ can help you with real world advice. Preparing for a date, dating rules or intimate moments - MatchMasters™ are there to guide you through that topsy turvey world of dating. In addition, once you've signed up with MatchMaster™, you get full access to our library of tips and suggestions to browse at your leisure. Ready to take virtual to real? Thanks to your MatchMaster™ now you will be able to meet with other singles in your community. MatchMasters™ hold regular events to give Kipici clients that chance to socialize with other singles in a controlled group setting. Safe, secure and without the pressure – MatchMasters™ are taking the stress out of that first meeting. Once you have joined MatchMasters™ you will have the chance to connect with a real person who can help you authenticate your prospects, no computer making your choices but someone helping you make that right choice. We all know someone who is always saying they know the right person for this person or that person? We all have a friend who has that magic touch in matching people? Now they can give it a try for real! At Kipici we are always looking for potential MatchMasters™. With Match Suggestions amateurs have access to the tools to make matches and gain experience in dating. Are you a potential MatchMaster™? Do you have what it takes? Sign up today.

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